Design for Accessibility Podcast

The podcast discusses the impact that design can have on accessibility and how understanding the different ways people view our work can help shape better design for everyone.

Coming March 2022
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An introduction

This podcast started to share my journey of becoming a better designer by understanding how design impacts people with disabilities.

Disclaimer: I am not an expert. This podcast documents my process of learning which is both rewarding and challenging. If at any point I say something that could offend someone, please understand that this is not my intention. 

Welcome to the Design for Accessibility podcast 👋

My name is Michael and I am a digital marketer, entrepreneur and lifelong learner. Business aside, community involvement has been a huge part of my life, as I have spent nearly two decades volunteering with different neighbourhood groups to help improve in the city I call home for everyone. Along the way I have met and collaborated with a wide variety of amazing individuals, who inspired my own journey. 

Learning early on that my dyslexia made it very difficult to learn through traditional paths, I stumbled into learning my own way and honed the techniques that helped me to accomplish the goals I set for myself. I am not an expert in disabilities but I want to learn from the people who have first-hand experiences. Open conversations will allow the many voices of the disabled community a platform for frank, honest discussions surrounding the accessibility of everyday life. This podcast will create dialogues surrounding living with disabilities, working towards improving the way we do design and media. 

It is my greatest hope that we will learn and grow together throughout this podcast.

Photo of Michael Wood

Michael Wood

Host of Design for Accessibility